Since I got my first computer at the age of eleven, I quickly found myself immersed in virtual chat rooms such as Habia World or Habbo. I loved to dress my virtual avatar in the pixelated dresses and I'd dream to own them in reality. 
Decrypted Garments is a collection of 8 looks that are created by 3d scanning and digitally manipulating my own wardrobe during the time of pandemic in the beginning of 2020. I explored my own digital identity and speculated how could we communicate digital garments in the future. 
In the digital space there's no need for the wearer of the clothes, they can 'wear' themselves. 

Featured by Dezeen

Featured on print Assouline Metaverse Dream 2022

Featured by NXS World  #6: Phygital Fashioning  2022

Featured by PAGE magazine
Print publication December 2021

Salone del Mobile 'Missed Your Call' DAE exhibition 'Missed Your Call' 5-10 September 2021, Milan

Featured by VPRO:

Featured by Design Academy Eindhoven Graduashion Show:

Featured by Design Academy Eindhoven Graduashion Show:
Project Catalogue Graduation Show 2020 Design Academy Eindhoven
Publisher Design Academy Eindhoven

Graduation project Design Academy Eindhoven
Identity department


Sound: Misha Douglas MacLaren & Yasha Mostert



   Process video:

                                                                                                            My Habia World avatar in the red dress with black flowers in 2010.

                                                                                                                                                     First sketches. My wardrobe drawn in pixels.