A digital collection on how the virtual world is forever morphing fleeting images around us.
I explored design in the virtual world and realized that’s not without restrictions either. Not found servers, errors and bugs from their own kind of lockdown.
I feel a sensation of being in an abandoned paradise, and the only way to reside there is to adapt.

I created a digital runway for a fashion show that embraces these glitches, and exist as monuments for lockdown fashion. In absence of a human body, eight garments seem to live their own life in this virtual realm.
The collection revives from clothing parts that are 3D scanned and later digitally manipulated. The garments are inspired by renaissance silhouettes, setting an interpretation of modern gothic with robust and rough structures. Each piece in the collection is fragmented and asymmetric to emphasise how errors and distortion can often lead to unexpected beauty. 




   Process video: