Three chapters – ‘Hesitant to RSVP’, ‘Dolce far niente’ and ‘Public Library’ - are collections of garments that express how I feel when being isolated in time of pandemic.

During isolation every day can seem mundane, but what if we could turn it more celebratory? Instead of feeling trapped at home, you could celebrate by being the queen/king of your castle. On what level of comfort you want to be in when going out and when staying at home, and how to create the perfect tandem?
The three pieces blend with certain parts in my house. They romanticise the intimate state of what home symbolises for me in a shape of soft duvet that can be quickly worn on top of the underwear or just on a naked body. The garments dwell in an exhibitionist masquerade where the wearer is the decor piece behind the screen. The garments were created in lock-down at home and the materials were made with a regular printer.

‘Hesitant to RSVP’ is about dressing up while impatiently counting the days for the lockdown to be over.
‘Dolce far niente’ is about blissfully being prepared for going out while daydreaming and elevating the pure awkwardness that arises from not knowing how to act around people anymore.
‘Public Library’ exaggerates the literary background and prompts an instrospective for personal Zoom conversation.